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About this portal

In Knowsley we have an ambition for a healthier, happier population with a better quality of life, a reduction in health inequalities and improved access to healthcare when required, as close as possible to the patient.

NHS Knowsley Clinical Commissioning Group is investing in improved digital health services to provide greater choice and improve access. We want to support our population to make healthier lifestyle choices to prevent ill health and enable our residents to live well for longer, by providing the information and tools to look after their own health and digital options have a big role to play. We conducted a digital health survey to find out about current use of digital services and how we can develop and improve these - and had a fantastic response. The results of the over 2,500 responses to date have helped shaped this website.

Apps present a fantastic opportunity to provide us with valuable health information which can help us not only improve the quality of our healthcare, but also help us to live healthier lives. The market is awash with apps, though, and we know from the results of the survey that our citizens have concerns such as: the protection of our personal data, how user-friendly health & wellbeing apps are and the evidence behind the success of digital health.

The survey also tells us that many of us are adapting to mobile technology and looking for convenient and pro-active approaches to staying well and managing our health during illness. To meet this demand, therefore, Knowsley health and care services have partnered with ORCHA (the Organisation for the Review of Care and Health Applications) to provide this dedicated site.

ORCHA carry out independent and impartial reviews of health and care related apps, and you’ll see that the results are clearly presented for you throughout this website. You can be reassured that any apps shown on this site have undergone a rigorous review process, and can feel confident as you choose the best app that’s right for you.

By bringing this information to our fingertips, it’s now possible to identify and compare the best apps for our needs – and to ensure that you, and your friends and families can get access to quality assured apps that meet a standard that health care workers are comfortable with.

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The Review Process

ORCHA is one of the leading providers of Health and Care App evaluations and reviews. It provides an objective and independent assessment of health and medical Apps. This is an advisory not regulatory service, but we do advise where regulatory issues may be important and should be considered further. It is however ultimately the responsibility of the developers and/or publishers of an App to ascertain its compliance with all relevant regulatory standards.

The ORCHA Baseline Review (“OBR”) is ORCHA’s first level of assessment and involves a detailed ‘desktop’ analysis of Digital Health solutions looking across all of the key areas of regulation and compliance. The OBR is largely undertaken proactively as part of ORCHA’s ongoing assessment and monitoring of the whole Digital Health market place and we review the most downloaded and most recently updated Apps and related Digital Health solutions across over 250 health and care categories and conditions.

The OBR is primarily an assessment of an Apps compliance with current standards, regulation and good practice (together “Standards”).

The OBR seeks to assess an App's performance through its compliance with these Standards. Our Review is regularly updated to reflect changes in these Standards. The higher the ORCHA Score achieved the more compliant the App is with these Standards and vice versa.

If you become aware of any inaccuracy in the information presented in our Reviews or have any other concerns, please report this to us immediately at feedback@orcha.co.uk.

ORCHA are not promoting or recommending any particular Apps through this process but are providing impartial information about an App's compliance with Standards and a mechanism for end users to easily identify those Apps that best meet those Standards and to check which ones don’t.

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